Thursday, May 24, 2012

To be young AND wise...

One of my AAI families has a daughter who is so very impressive to me.  I suppose that's not so uncommon, but this daughter just happens to be active on facebook and through the family blog, so I've gotten to know her just a bit better than other AAI family daughters. =-)  And honestly, I don't think it's often that highschool seniors have it THIS together.  I love this girl's heart.  She doesn't know me, but I spent several days with her proud parents in Ghana and I sort of feel like her Auntie Anita now (forgive me "M")!

She loves her Ghanaian siblings so much.  It was her heart's desire that her siblings be home in time for her graduation, and that's not going to happen.  What a horrible thing for a loving big sister to absorb.  What a hard lesson to learn.  So many older adults would feel bitter and resentful about that.  How unfair!  But this 18 year old young lady is wise beyond her years.  Of course she is disappointed.  But she accepts that the Lord's timing is beyond our earthly understanding, and she has not let it discourage her from her belief that international adoption was the right thing for her family.

I have so much respect for this young lady.  I wish I were as wise as she is when I were 18!  You can read her latest wise blog post HERE.


B Family 6:49 PM  

Oh Auntie Anita! This was SO sweet of you to write. Thank you for ALL you do!!

Love, Megan