Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the Subconscious...

Sometimes my dreams are so OBVIOUS!  Last night I had various dreams that included the following tidbits:

  • I forgot my camera during my upcoming trip to Washington.  Do you think maybe I'm planning to take some photos of the gorgeous scenery?! LOL!
  • I was teaching at a new school (music) and decorating my room, having fun with students, creating new songs, etc..  Have I mentioned that this upcoming school year I'll be teaching at the kids' homeschool choir?!  It's just the preschool choir, but that's one of my favorite ages, and we're doing a 3 yr - 12th grade Africa program in the spring!  Gets my old creative juices flowing!
  • Getting lost on the way to The Akwaaba Gathering.  Just two more weeks!!  Where is the Garmin again?
  • Pre-paying for our Chicago hotel on Priceline only to find out it was a rat-trap in a horrible part of town and we couldn't get our money back when we tried to cancel.  Oh wait...that really happened! and learn!


Kathy 11:21 AM  

where ya staying at in chicago & when ya coming???? What hotel did you book?