Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update to the Breakdown

I just want to let everybody know that I'm doing better after my "Burning Up" post last week.  If you know me at all then you know simply getting those awful feelings out of my mind by writing them down helps somewhat.  Truly.  Of course, I also work for the best families around and they pampered me the next day with beautiful words of encouragement and lots of reminders about why I do this work.  Nothing keeps me going like a good "before" and "after" photo combo or an update picture of one of "my" kiddos! ;-)

Still, the things I wrote about; the situation I'm in; it is reality.  No matter how wonderful the people in my life, I have too much job and not enough time.  I want to update you and let you know that a plan has been put into place that's going to allow for the changes that need to occur.  I'm really excited to share all about it, but can't do that quite yet.  Staff at the AAI office will be assisting with some aspects of the program as there is a need, to a larger extent than in the past.  And early next year we'll have a bigger change!  Let's just say it's a change worth waiting for. =-)  Sometimes knowing that help is on the horizon is enough to keep you going for a while longer.



Kait 10:02 PM  

I'm so glad you got some sort of help in place. I can't even imagine the pressure you felt!