Friday, August 31, 2012

All About Kendi Mae

 Tonight at dinner my baby took a bite of her hamburger and then said that her tooth was hurting from "grinding."  I told her to show me.  Samren was sitting next to her and said, "Mom, I can see a tooth wiggling!"  I said no way.  She couldn't have knocked her teeth together enough to knock one lose.  He insisted that he saw one wiggling.  Then in my mind I realized that Bright was 5 when he started losing teeth.  Oh no!  Not yet!  She's my baby!  Too early to lose teeth!  Sure enough, her first little bitty bottom tooth is about half-way wiggled out.
Of course she is absolutely FASCINATED by this!  The rest of the evening has been spent discussing all things teeth.  We have discussed every facet of the Tooth Fairy--what she looks like (nobody knows), what she will bring, when she brings it, how the exchange takes place.  Kendi asked if we could go to the "Teeth Store."  Finally we figured out she was asking to go to the Dentist! LOL!  Um...yeah.  I guess this is one way that I fall way short as a mother!
In the past few weeks I realized that her hair really is looking longer (in her normal free look).  I've done nothing with it all summer except let it hang free with head bands or put the sides up with barrettes.  A few nights ago I decided to do something with her hair before the first night of homeschool choir.  Well, the first thing I learned is to NOT let 3 months go by without pulling on my child's hair!  Oh my the tears and protesting!  I quickly knew she wasn't going to sit through me trying to do cornrows.  It was a weeknight so no 5 hour do either.  I settled for a few braids in the front to act as bangs, and some "rainbow" flat twists all along the back.  This is actually the first time I've had enough thickness in Kendi's hair to do box braids (the simplest style)!  It's so thin that even though it stretches out to 3-4 inches in some parts, getting enough hair to gather for a braid is difficult, so those three little braids in the front are the biggest accomplishment!

I wasn't sure how to finish off the braids, so I just put a little rubber band at the end.  Any tips from the pros out there?  What would you do with the ends in this style?  Her hair isn't kinky enough to go unbound at the end.
Next week we will be celebrating 3 years with Kendi in our family.  THREE YEARS!  Three years ago I wrote THIS POST in anticipation of my baby's arrival.  Three years ago our family was completed.  This baby was our missing puzzle piece.  Mae Mae, I still love you forever.  I like you for always.  As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.


Deborah 9:10 PM  

I hope I always remember holding her in my lap at Eban house and eating black eyed peas together. She is so precious. As long as Bobby, my brother,was in the room, he was the only one she wanted holding her!! I can't believe it's been three years, either...thank you for everything you have done and are doing to make our family complete.
We love Auntie Anita !!!

Jenny 9:47 PM  

Now that I'm approaching 4 African daughters to do hair, I'm a big fan of beads. They are fast, easy and add a lot on the ends. I put locs in Julia's hair this summer because she has a ton, but Tori is more like your daughters and I braid, corn-row and use beads.

Jenny 9:47 PM  

oops, I meant to leave you the blog address, not the email, so you can see some beads if you want -

Kait 10:34 PM  

I can't believe how much her hair has grown! She looks so pretty with it done like that.

Cora Huffman 6:35 AM  

She is so beautiful! Can't believe it has been 3 years! Wow what difference.