Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Volunteers Bless Me!

I go to Ghana for my 2-3 week jaunts maybe a few times a year.  I stay in air conditioned hotels.  I typically eat out.  I'm not exactly "roughing" it even if some might say that I am compared to American standards.

It's those that go to Ghana and volunteer for several months who are really making a difference.  I take my hat off to you folks.  You bless me from afar, because I know you are there day in and day out, blessing the children and caregivers that I care so much about.  You are the unsung heroes of many adoption programs. 

My very good friend Paul runs a group foster home called Nyame Dua (God Protects).  Paul's home is smaller than some others, and is often over-looked when it comes to getting attention from the adoption community.  Paul isn't a great P.R. guy.  He's not big on the internet.  Oh!  But if people could see his heart from across his ocean, there would be no lack of sponsors!!  Anyway....

This summer Paul has had a volunteer at his house (thanks to Feeding the Orphans).  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting this volunteer, but I am forever indebted to him nevertheless.  He has worked with the children, young and old.  He has spent his time and money to put running water in the bathroom of the home (which is a big deal).  And most importantly, he has shown the love of God to children who desperately need it.  Of course, Paul does this day in and day out, but this is an endless job and he needs others to come alongside him to help!

So thank you Michael.  And thank you to others like him.  Thank you for spending your summer loving on the children I hold so dear, and helping my brother Paul.

If you'd like to read Michael's blog, CLICK HERE!

If you'd like to make a donation to Nyame Dua's homes in either Teshie or Bolgatonga, CLICK HERE! (note "Nyame Dua").


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Awww. A Tennessee boy. How awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to read his blog :)