Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be Still--But Pack your Bags

Several weeks ago I came across a blog where this necklace was being auctioned off to benefit a family's adoption.  I was all ready to bid but then realized the auction was several month's old.  I immediately went to Etsy to search for the necklace.  The words spoke deeply to my heart. [I find this interesting since these words are obviously *SO* meant for now but back then they spoke to my spirit.]  Unfortunately, the shop had no inventory.  I found a place to be notified when they had new inventory and sort of forgot about it.  As it turns out, the same day I resigned from AAI, I got a notice that there was new inventory, and "my" necklace was there for just $15.  I had to splurge, didn't I? =-)  It arrived a few days ago and it is so beautiful!  The shop carries a variety of necklaces with different verses/sayings, each one so special.  I just checked and she is already sold out again, but you might want to be notified when she has stock again.  The price is right and the quality is great!
I said in my last blog post that I have this overwhelming feeling in my heart that my job right now is just to sit still and wait on the Lord.  I don't know what is next in my life.  I don't know if I am supposed to start working for another agency (in a small program with less hours) or if I am just supposed to volunteer my time, or both.  I don't know if I am totally off track with both of those ideas and the Lord is going to sway my life in a completely different direction.  All I know is that for the next month or so my job is to BE STILL and wait on the Lord.  And that feels just fine.  However...
He has already opened this one door.  This BIG door. 
It has been a hope that I would go to Ghana in October since early summer.  At the time I thought I would be going for program development stuff...a 2-3 week trip to do all of the awesome things I always get to do.  To be quite honest with you, one of the selfish thoughts I had when I decided to resign from AAI is that I was resigning "too early" to get my autumn trip.  It is no small thing for someone else to pay your way to Africa.  The country of 2 of my children's birth.  A country very dear to my heart.  It was sad to think that my trip in March may have been my last time in the country.  When I resigned I had to give up on the idea of going to Ghana before the end of this year, and possibly ever again.  Deep down I prayed for the Lord to make another way for me to get there, if it be His will.
I never imagined how He would work it.
An AAI family wishes to have their son escorted home from Ghana--in 2 weeks!  They requested that I be the escort.  Wow.  But it's not that easy.  That makes no sense.  I won't be working for AAI past September and they don't have any reason to do me any favors. 
It had been a few days since the family had told me they were going to request this, and I was getting on email with the intent to write to family and tell them "thank you, but I don't want you to get your hopes up" when I instead got an email from them--telling me that AAI said yes!  It turns out that this family said that they wished for me to be the escort because I have met their child, and if I wasn't able to escort, then the father would make a trip to Ghana to pick up the child.  This made sense to AAI, so they agreed to let me go!
Lord willing, this precious little guy will get his visa the first week of Ghana, and I will fly out around the 5th.  My son Bright's birthday is the 4th.  I'm so glad I will be here for his big day. =-)  I will then be able to spend a week in Ghana, tying up loose ends for AAI, checking up on ongoing projects, and providing encouragement for those friends who might be a little shaken up by all the recent changes.
I don't think I have 2 suitcases full of donations in my Ghana closet, so if you want to send things, email me at for my mailing address!  Of course, I'm happy to take dossiers, post-placements, etc. for any families that I can (as long as I can meet up with your POAs fairly easily).  It will be a super short trip for my taste, but I will be so thankful for each and every day.
Thank you Lord for answering such a huge prayer in such a short time.  You are ever-faithful!


Mama D’s Dozen 11:37 PM  

So excited for you.

Jim and I are taking a trip in 2 weeks that is totally a BLESSING from God . . . a gift of a heart need, but not really a "need", if you know what I mean. :) God so wants to BLESS us, that He so often gives us gifts "just because", even when we don't really "need them".

So happy that you get to go to bring this child home. What a special way to end your time with AAI.

Excited to see ALL that the LORD has for you, as you step out in FAITH and TRUST.

Laurel :)

Fiveboys 5:15 AM  

Oh, I can not find that nacklace and I totally want one! Help??!!

Anita Gillispie 8:21 AM  

FiveBoys, just go to Esty and mark on the side that you want to be notified when they have more items in stock. That's what I did. An email was sent to me by Etsy when they uploaded new items, including this specific necklace that I was also looking for. =-) I think she must make several and then almost immediately sell out because just last week she had about 15 necklaces in stock! You could also contact the seller privately to see if she would make on for you as a custom order. =-)

Lisa Olsen 11:15 AM  

Anita, will you be around the area of Osu to bring the photo book for us/ see G when you are there?

TheBowlingFamily 9:53 PM  

Wow! How cool! God is good...enjoy your trip!