Friday, October 12, 2012

At the Gate...

It's about an hour and a half before I take off for the first leg of this most recent journey to Ghana.  After a bit of sleep last night, I wish I could nap in this uncomfortable airport chair, but I know that will never happen.  Just like I won't really sleep even once I get settled in for the long flight this evening.  No sleep until tomorrow night in Ghana.
I was able to pack much of what people sent to me to send over, but not all of it.  We packed and repacked, but it just wouldn't all fit.  We got all the backpacks except one.  Some ringpops were sacrificed, as well as some shoes and donated clothes, a few containers of lotions, and these great blocks of legos that I had purchased earlier in the year.  Both bags were overweight, but the lady at the check-in desk only made me pay  ($90) for one of them, so that is something to be thankful for!
It feels really weird going over basically empty-handed this time.  I have two overflowing suitcases, but very VERY little are things that are from myself.  No room.  All of my stuff is in the bottom section of the duffle bag.  And obviously I had no agency to send over monetary donations this trip, so there are no several hundred dollar donations to the schools and orphanage I'll be visiting.  I hope that the small gifts of food or supplies I'm able to give in Ghana from our family will be accepted in the spirit they are given.
I am excited this trip?  Hmm...  Probably not.  I'm just ready to hug my friends.  It's an uncertain time, and you want to be near "family" during uncertain times.  There's that feeling, and the feeling of wanting to get things done with my TRF family.  I'm looking forward to planning for the future--getting to the nitty gritty of our goals.
Of course, every trip has big doses of fun!  I get to go shopping for friends who have sent me with lists!  Nothing more fun than spending others money! LOL!  I get to hang out with adoptive families that will be traveling at the same time I'll be there.  I get to be in a country that has crawled into the fiber of my being and will always remain there.  Hmm...maybe I just excited myself after all!!


Christy 8:01 AM  

Praying for safe travels and a blessed journey. Eagerly following along as God moves mountains to clear His path for you, sweet friend. Love & hugs!

Renee 8:08 AM  

I am praying for you and I am so excited to see all that God is going to do through you during this trip.

Praying that you will be blessed beyond measure.

You are LOVED!