Thursday, March 21, 2013


March is always a month full of memories for me.  It seems that so much has happened during March as we built our family. 
Each time I see the forsythia bushes blooming bright yellow I find myself flowing back to my first month as a mother.  All of the sudden on March 9th 2001 I was entrusted with this too-beautiful-for-words Khmer (Cambodian) baby girl.

 Just one year later, on March 27th, 2002 Eric and I were in Vietnam at our Giving an Receiving Ceremony for Samren.  [My husband also celebrated his 30th birthday there, which is a memory in and of itself!]
 Five years later, in March 2007, I met Bright for the first time.  Whew!  That was a *long* first week with him since he wanted nothing to do with me (or any white person), but those 3 weeks were absolutely PRECIOUS in the scheme of things.  I believe the time he and I spent in Ghana just the two of us was an absolute gift when it came to attachment (7.5 weeks in all).
 It was also during this trip in March 2007 that I first fell in love with Ghana.  Village children weaving palm fronds and flowers together as a gift...meeting (and staying in the home of) my friend Paul Anaba for the first time...hatching the beginnings of what would become a successful Ghana adoption program for AAI.  March 2007 was a big month.
 In March 2009 I was buying the cutest little dresses for the baby girl who would become a part of our family and thriving off of new photos from visiting families!

What would I do without the Marches in my life?!  Thank you Lord for blessing me with so many wonderful Marches to remember.