Tuesday, April 02, 2013

He is Risen, indeed!

Easter Sunday was a special day for our family.  Of course, it's always special.  This year Taevy and Samren decided to be baptized.  They had both accepted the Lord as their Savior years ago, but for whatever reason they've never went forward for baptism until now. 

Lots of Christians experience lots of struggles on Sunday mornings.  Seems like if it can go wrong, it will go wrong on Sunday mornings!  The evil one just loves the thought of you not getting to church.  Since this was Easter Sunday AND the day of the kids' baptism, I was expecting something to happen to make it a bad morning.  [Normal examples might be Eric going into seizures because of low blood sugar, or a kid pouring dirt on their head right before we leave--stuff like that.]  To my surprise, we all (8 with my parents) got ready and there were no issues!  Left only 5 minutes later than scheduled!
My mom went back with Taevy (Eric with Samren) so I was able to see the baptism from the congregation.  I didn't foresee how emotional I would get, and how proud I would feel!  They both had to give their "confession of faith" from the baptismal and put a lot of thought into what they were going to share with the church.  They spoke beautifully, and I cried. =-)

It was also a special Sunday because my parents, Eric's parents, and my Aunt Sherry were all in attendance with us.  We're so happy at our new church, and find ourselves wanting to share our church community with our family (even though they have churches of their own).  I think it says something about a church when my parents (S. Baptist) and Eric's parents (Assemblies of God), along with our more contemporary family all enjoy the service.  There's something for everybody and nobody feels uncomfortable with the setting.

After church we said goodbye to my parents and enjoyed the rest of the day with Eric's family.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, sunny and in the 70's.  The perfect Oklahoma Easter!