Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"The Laughing River"

On May 3rd the Tulsa Homeschool Choir had their end of year program.  [All of our kids participate, and I am one of the directors.]  This year we decided to celebrate Africa!  Right up my alley!!  Many years ago, when I was still an elementary music teacher, I did a spring program based on the book, "The Laughing River."  It is "A folktale of peace" about two tribes in Africa who are at odds but then become friends.  Throughout the book are Orff Instrument parts.  If you act it out with the music it makes a really beautiful piece.  In addition to doing "The Laughing River" each choir also did a few African Folk songs. 

Our program had a decidedly West African flare (I wonder why?!?!?!).  All of the kids and parents did a great job putting together costumes that ranged from African-ish to full out African!  Honestly, it was so fun to see all the bright colors. 

During intermission they played Eban Project's promotional video on the projector!  It was the first time we have been promoted in that way.  We also put a little "ad" in the program for the night.  Who knows?  Maybe one family will be moved to help the vulnerable in Ghana?  If that's true for one family, it was worth it.

It's now a few weeks later and my kids are STILL singing the songs almost constantly around the house.  There's something so fun and easy about the repetitive and lively songs of Africa!  I, for one, am a little burnt out!  But maybe your kids would like to learn some new songs this summer?  Just in case, here are a few links:

Tue Tue Barima (Ghanaian)
Obwisana (Ghanaian rock-passing game)
Kokoleoko (Ghanaian)


Jonathan Slade 8:08 PM  

Love it!!! thanks for sharing :)

Tyvon Jamallia Petway 12:20 PM  

This was great Anita!!

Deborah 9:14 PM  

I've seen those baskets and dresses somewhere....this was just great! Looks like all your hard work paid off. I bet no other volunteer went quite as far as you did to buy instruments and clothing! Love you!