Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bananas in Heaven

I would say Kendi is my most inquisitive child.  It's so fun to see her growing into a young lady, and being able to distinguish her unique personality from the other children.

Today we were having a talk on my bed before nap time and she was full of questions, both silly and serious.

How are candles made?

What is a soul?

Does hair grow from my brain?

How can I feed my hair?

How do you make eyeballs?

With tear in her eyes...
Why didn't my Ghana mommy know I was a blessing?  Was it because she was sick?

When can I go see my Ghana Daddy.  I miss him.

And, most importantly...
Are there bananas in heaven?

Love her!  Cherish her!  Still so amazed that the Lord allowed this blessing to join our family.