Thursday, August 01, 2013

Reflections before Goodbye

I leave for Ghana in less than 24 hours.  I've honestly lost count of what trip this is.  How many times have I been?  Somewhere around 20 maybe?  Maybe a bit less.  I've been to Ghana enough that it's seeped into the core of my being.  [I wish I could say that about Cambodia and Vietnam too, but that would be a lie.]  I've been to Ghana enough that some Ghanaian English phrases have made it into my permanent vocabulary without conscious effort.
"Go and come."
"Take away" instead of "carry out" food.
"Oh!  Sorry, sorry, sorry."  instead of, "Ouch!  You have a boo boo!"
And even a few "Shame!" have come out of my mouth (especially with the dogs).
There are more, but like I said, they are natural to me so they are hard to recall.
I must be honest in saying that this trip is a surprise to me.  Brandi and I felt like the Lord was saying this was the time to travel, and we knew He would provide the funds through His servants if it was, indeed, the time to travel.  And yet there was certainly a part of me that didn't want to assume *I* knew.  At times, I honestly felt like this trip wasn't going to happen (right now).  And that would have been okay because I only wanted to Seek His Face.  I don't need to go to Ghana for vacation.  I just want to do whatever He would have me do, whenever He would have me do it.
And then the funds came.  I shouldn't have been surprise, except I was!  I hadn't really allowed myself to plan for the trip, so the past several days have been crazy crazy!  I know the same (as far as crazy) has been true for my partner Brandi.  We've both experienced what we feel is some pretty major Spiritual Warfare in the past few weeks--particularly in the area of health.
Since establishing that this IS the time to go, the Lord has sent so many people our way.  So many potential doors to be opened.  So many ways to help the under served in Ghana.  As I tried to fill in our itinerary I honestly became overwhelmed.  HOW can we do everything Lord?  I was trying--key word *I*--to figure it out.  Dumbnut!  When will I learn to just sit back and let Him figure it out?  Of course we need a loose plan.  We need to know all of the doors that could be opened to us, but in the end this is His trip and we are safest in the center of His will.
Here are a few of the things that we do believe will happen:
  • Go to Upper West Region:  Deliver 200 treated mosquito nets in partnership with Kairos 10 to orphanages and vulnerable families.  Visit 2 orphanages.  Tour possible sites for EP Foster and Rehabilitation Center.  Going and coming will take a total of 4 days.
  • Central Region:  Visit Children's Home of Hope and Pearl House children's homes.  Deliver donations, love on kiddos, etc..
  • Sponsorship Program:  Will be a big focus this trip.  Plan is to meet each child in our sponsorship program and establish new parameters for reporting.
There is much more, including a visit to our partner free school, but I just don't know what the Lord will keep in the agenda, what could be added, and what could be thrown out all together!
My friends and family, I'm asking you to pray for specific things while I'm away.  As much as I don't want fear to creep in, it's hard.
1.  PLEASE pray that Eric has no "low blood sugar" incidents while I'm away, specifically during the night while he is sleeping alone in the bed.
2.  Please pray for my kids' hearts to be protected from any homesickness.
3.  Please pray that the money being spent on this trip will be returned to the people of Ghana ten-fold.
4.  Please pray for the health and safety of the Eban House team as we travel to, from, and within Ghana.
Thank you,


Renee 2:36 PM  

Praying Anita!!! I can't wait to hear all that God has done.

CarrieT 11:05 AM  

Are you just traveling on your own as 2 friends? Is this a trip still associated with AAI or is it with a different agency or organization? Are you working for AAI again? Just curious. I will be praying.

Carrie T.