Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blessed Each Day: A Home

We went to the thrift store today, to look for a jacket that would look a little nicer than the hoodie Samren currently wears.  [The kid loves hoodies!]  This thrift store is right by our house--one we visit often.  I suppose we definitely agree with the Dugger Family on this one--"Buy used and save the difference!"
As we left the store I was struck by the number of homeless people within visual distance.  We don't live in a huge city.  And we don't live in the inner city.  But I suppose we do live in an area of the city where there is a higher rate of homelessness than in other areas.  It's something my children have grown used to seeing.  We know some of "our" homeless by their faces, and have assisted a few of them more than once. 
As we walked to our car and headed home, I said a prayer of thanks that we have a home to go to.  A HUGE blessing.  We have never had to pay our mortgage late.  We are not in foreclosure.  Lord willing, we will continue to have the option to live in this home regardless of Eric's employment status.  But even if the worst should happen and we lose this home, we would still have a place to live.  We have family that would open their doors to us.
So today I am thankful for home.  I am thankful for the safety and security of four walls, and a bed, a sanitary place to use the bathroom, and a place to cook my food.  Thank you Lord for providing us with this basic need.