Monday, October 28, 2013

Blessed Each Day--10-28-13

The other day we went to the pumpkin patch, as has been our yearly tradition since Taevy was a baby.  We neglected to make a plan for dinner, and didn't think about the fact that we had errands to run even after our fun at the patch.  So we found ourselves with the challenge to see how inexpensively 6 people could eat dinner at Wendy's.  I'm sure it could be done for less, but we did it for around $15.  I enjoyed watching an older couple come in and sit down on the same side of the booth (rather than the opposite side).  The ordered two small chilis and shared a water between them.  I thought they looked so sweet, and hoped Eric and I would be like them some day, still in love enough to sit on the same side of the booth and share a meal like that!
It was a nice dinner.  The kids were very kind to each other--sharing bites of their dinner since were trying different things than they would have had we not been on budget challenge.  Towards the end of the meal, the older gentleman walked up to us and handed Eric one of those Jr. Frosty coupon books.  He said, "Looks like you've got four beautiful kids to support. 
I think they deserve a treat."  The kids were super excited!  As soon as the man walked back towards his table Taevy said, "Wow mom, God really blessed us, didn't He?  He just provided us ice cream!"  Yep.  He sure did.  Before we left the store we said thanks again to the older couple.  They told us that they wanted to give the kids that special treat because they could tell Eric and I were "raising them right."  They saw us praying before our mean.  They saw the kids sharing bites of food.  And they saw everybody being polite and quiet in the restaurant.
A mom likes nothing more than to hear that someone else thinks her kids are good kids!  And all in all, I am very blessed with my children.  I'm very thankful that the Lord decided to bless them with a sweet treat after the pumpkin patch!