Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blessed Each Day

I don't think I've ever lost track of the fact that we are very blessed.  But there is no doubt that being without regular income sort of brings me "back to basics."  It brings each little blessing into focus--makes it more special than maybe it would have otherwise been.  I think when I posted last, I just needed to get my vent out.  There is scary stuff about this unemployment stuff, but in a weird way this is also an opportunity to put our faith into action.  In the past several years the Lord has blessed us with steady employment.  We have been comfortable.  When you're comfortable it's easy to forget where your help comes from.  You know it in your heart, but it's not something that you have to live out each day because there's money in your bank account.
In the past week I obviously had a low day, but after I got that low day out of my system I started to see the many blessings in this situation.  My husband is no longer in a work situation that was abusive to him.  [His boss tore him down]  The kids and I have some unexpected time with Eric during the best time of the year!  And my kids, who really don't remember our leaner years, are learning to better appreciate when small blessings come along.
I believe I'll try to take time to post a blessing each day. Big or small.  Sometimes it's the smallest blessings that mean the most. =-)


The Fraley Family 6:32 AM  

You have probably already read this, but just in case, may I recommend Ann Vosskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts". It is a powerful book about doing exactly what you said - counting our small blessings every single day.