Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Interesting Mail Day!

Hi all,

Well today has been nothing if not interesting! =-) I checked the mail to find an envelope with a return address of the US Embassy in Accra, Ghana. To make it more interesting, the envelope was addressed to "Gillispie Babies, C/O James Eric Gillispie".

Inside was a one page letter stating that we could come to the consular section of the US Embassy in Ghana on any Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday at 7:30pm in connection with our APPROVED I-600.

For those of you who don't know, an I-600a is the government document that approves parents to adopt. The I-600 is the government document that approves specific children for adoption and immigration to the U.S. To say that you have an approved I600 implies that you also know of specific children you hope to adopt.

I've been hunting for answers all evening (secretly hoping that we have two mysterious babies waiting for us to come and pick them up! LOL!). The ONE family that has adopted from Ghana in the past year said that they got a letter like this one before the traveled to pick up their boys last November, and that they had to have this letter with them to get into the Embassy. She said it's an important letter and to keep it safe. On the other hand, our agency director (who emailed me from Haiti!) said that she thinks this is a scam because the embassy isn't opened at 7:30pm and would be signed by the consular (Michael). I looked at the signature and it DOES look like an "M", but that still leaves the 7:30pm mystery.

At any rate, I'm keeping this letter in a safe place and will be carrying it with me to Ghana in case it does have importance once we are there.

Love, Anita


Christina 12:11 PM  

hmmm, that is really odd. When we got our I171 it specified Zeeb's name and said approved but didn't give us an appointment for the embassy or anything. (I wish...)