Thursday, June 08, 2006

Still Waiting...

Just wanted to sent a quick update to let everybody know that we are still awaiting photos of the four children in Ghana. We HOPE that they will come tomorrow to the family that is ahead of us in line. And then (after they make their decision) we will be forwarded the profiles of any children who are still available. AHHHH!!!! This wait is hard, but fun. =-)

ALSO, I wanted to post the great news that Eric's kidney function has actually gone UP! Can you all believe that? God is surely the Dream-Giver! He has gone from 20% to 25% kidney function in the last month, which means they don't want to even check him again for 2 more months! It is looking more and more as if our Ghanaian children will be home before we need to deal with the kidney transplant.

Please pray with us that Eric's kidney function continues to rise. When the doctor worked the number he just looked baffled. I asked if that ever happens (function rising) and he said, "'s been known to happen, but I've never seen it." YEA GOD!!!!

Love, Anita
P.S. Don't you just love kid toes? The scene above happened on its own the other day when I started doing "This Little Piggy..." on Samren's toes. Next thing I know all four of the kiddos were lined up for their turn (our two and two of my friend's children).