Monday, July 03, 2006

All about Kendi =-)

This weekend was fun. We are *hoping* that our agency director (Lois) will be able to take a few things over to Kendi when she travels to Ghana later this month. So we had fun picking out just ONE little outfit for her at Target yesterday. This dress is size 2t, and the shoes are size 10. We are pretty confident that the shoes are too big, but we'd rather go too big than too small! Hopefully the dress will fit. I just think the bright pink would look so gorgeous on her very dark skin!

We also found out some neat things about Kendi's heritage! Someone on an Africa list has friends from Ghana who were able to share that her name is definitely of the Ashanti Tribe in Ghana. I was secretly hoping that Kendi was Ashanti because that tribe has a fascinating history and culture all of their own! Within the Ashanti there are sub-tribes with different names (think Christian, and then denominations). We don't know which sub-tribe she is from (looking for sub-tribes with one ear ring and that necklace). We don't know the meaning of the Ampomea Amoako portion of her name, but at least we can begin to learn about the Ashanti. Their language is even available to learn (Twi)!

I didn't think I would have such a hard time with this, but I am going back and forth about her name. I guess I feel selfish. It's not like her name is Duc (like Samren's). It's Juliet--a perfectly pretty name that actually suits her very well! Our agency director shared with me that she was secretly hoping the family that adopted her would keep her name--GUILT! How selfish are we to change her name? At the same time, Kendi was chosen so carefully and has meaning to us. I had thought we would keep Ampomea as her second middle name, but sometimes I wonder if we should keep Juliet. Will she even identify herself as Ampomea? Or will her identity be held in Juliet? Anyway, thoughts on the name issue--including suggestions--are VERY welcome!

Love, Anita