Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crisis Pregnancy Outreach

When Eric got home yesterday I told him everything you just read in the email below (or above?). Especially considering that they only take applications in July and December he said we should go ahead and fill out an application. HUGE for Eric!

So I spent the rest of the night filling out the application and answering questions about our personal life. =-) The application packet went out in today's (Wednesday's) mail!

Some of you might be thinking, "But I thought God told you to WAIT." He did. We feel like He only "okayed" us to do those two things--check into baby Michael at Spence-Chapin and have our homestudy "domesticated." When each of those two things opened more doors we prayed before stepping through.

Now that we've got wide open paths for the Lord to provide us with a baby boy in three different places (as if He needed ANY--He can create the paths, but you know what I mean) we once again feel the need to just WAIT. Watch, even look, but wait.

The Lord is big enough to give us a baby boy from Ghana. He's big enough to make sure we DON'T get a baby boy in the US if our baby boy is in Ghana (and that is our prayer). When He provides a child we won't question whichever path He chooses for us. We'll just praise Him!