Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yes, God. We hear you God. =-)

We are getting to know our wonderful neighbor to the North--Carol. Carol's grandchildren (who happen to be bi-racial) are here visiting for a few weeks. Our kids and Carol's grandkids have been playing together like crazy the last few days! Carol has graciously looked after Taevy and Samren as they played and swam for a total of 4 hours the last two days. We are blessed by Carol!

We bought her a Gerbera Daisy and gave her a thank you note for her kindness tonight. Later she called me to thank me and we talked for a while, just getting to know about her. Come to find out, her grandchildren are adopted (I didn't want to assume)!

Guess where they were born? Tulsa! Guess which agency placed them? Right! CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTER!

Isn't it amazing how we have been in the adoption world for 6 years and have never heard about this low cost amazing agency right here in our own home town, but in the last 2 days the Lord has brought it to our attention (when we weren't even searching for it!) several times?

Wow! Our God is a BIG God! We don't know if our baby boy will come through CPO. But we feel the Lord's affirmation that we were right to send in the application. We also feel confident that there IS a purpose behind us knowing about this agency. It may not be for adoption, but we do feel a purpose.

In His Grip of Grace,