Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The First Thing--baby Michael

I mentioned in my last post about the two things I felt the Lord gave us "permission" to check into further. Here's the first...

There is a baby named Michael listed on Spence-Chapin's website as a special needs baby because he was exposed to alcohol in utero. I wasn't going to check into it because we only have an international homestudy, but I must have ran into his information 10 times as I researched our options Monday night. So Tuesday morning I sent in the application stating our interest in him and "cold called" the agency hoping to talk to somebody (because of our homestudy situation).

Within 2 hours I got a call back! I didn't expect that becase SC is a HUGE agency and I guess I always assumed huge means impersonal. The woman told me that Michael was already placed but really wanted to learn more about our family and tell me more about this program.

You all, this program is incredible! For our annual income the fee is only $2000 and finalization would only be $1000 (they work on a sliding scale--our income is above $50 and below $75). The lady asked me to fax our homestudy and said she would keep us in mind for future situations. Cool!