Monday, August 07, 2006

First Day of School, an Answered Prayer

Today was the first day of school for our two children, Taevy and Samren. Here in Oklahoma we have full day Pre-K and full day Kindergarten so this was the first day for both.

What a blessing it was to watch my "big kids" walk into the school without tears, wave goodbye, and know in my heart they were going to be okay. I was asked to stay and volunteer around 1/2 an hour in Samren's room so I got to watch him get settled in. And before leaving I checked in on Taevy who was happily working at "her spot" like she had been there a million times before. If you know my children, you know that the fact that they go through the day not only without crying, but raving about the wonderful time they had is pretty amazing! LOL!

This day was special to me for another reason too. I've been thinking since Taevy and Samren were very little that "when they are both in school" would be the perfect time to add to our family. And yet Eric was very hesitant to adopt again (saying NO for most of the past three years) so there were many months that it seemed my dream would never become a reality. Today it hit me that THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! Okay, that's hit me before, but I hadn't realized that my "when they are both in school" goal had come true--just too many other things going on in life I suppose.

I just can't help but to be thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with. I have a friend who is adopting from Vietnam right now that is going through lots of "Job" months. She's been waiting for so long for her son, and yet she is so faithful. I pray that we don't have any "Job-like" months ahead of us but if we do I know that I will strive to be like her. Blessings to you Chris.

Love, Anita


Christina 10:59 AM  

Anita, thanks for thinking of me. I wouldn't wish these Job-months on anyone and I pray your kids are home right on schedule!
I can't believe your kids started school today! My kids don't start for another month. I'm so glad to hear they were happy to go though!