Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Update #1

Hi All,
I received a very pleasant and professional update from Lois today via email.  I had thought she would call every Friday but unless we need to discuss something she'll email instead.  Anybody who knows me knows that I would almost rather have an email, so that works great for us. =-)
There's really nothing new to report on the adoption itself.  Lois is doing what she can to get an update out of Ernest.  She has requested an update on Bright ASAP and has also requested that he send additional updates one time each month on the children referred through Eugemot Orphanage.  I am really praying that Ernest is responsive to Lois' request.  She sent it two days ago and she hasn't received a reply yet (this is par for the course).
I find that I'm asking myself, if I had to choose, would I choose an update on Bright, or to have the application for adoption from the Director of Social Welfare.  The answer is BOTH! ;-)  Seriously, I know that if either one of those things happened it would be a huge boost and reassurance that this adoption may actually happen after all.  Please continue to pray with me for BREAKTHROUGH in Bright's adoption--in whatever way the Lord wants to send us a breakthrough!


Momto13 8:24 AM  

Continued prayers my lovely friend! Have a wonderful weekend.