Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Little Less Funky

How's THAT for a subject line!
Sometimes there is nothing like the company of another adoptive parent going through similar circumstances to bring you out of a funk--well further out than you were before. =-)  I have been so upset by some of the things going on that I was literally shaking from adrenalin most of the morning.  I was too upset to cry or even yell.  I was just numb (but shaking!) with anger. 

Along came early afternoon and my dear friend and I had the chance to air things out.  She's going through tons of yucky stuff with her adoption and those she's entrusted to complete it, and it's no secret that I've been going through stuff too.  So we whined and moaned to each other and made fun of our situations...and somehow it helped.  My dear friend (you know who you are)--thank you for being there for me today when you needed me to support you just as badly!!!  That's what friendship is about, isn't it?  Give and take.  Mutual respect.  A sympathetic shoulder (or ear as the case may be).
And then my poor sister!  She is a "newbie" adoptive parent (bringing her sweet Mia home from Guatemala a month ago).  I called her late in the afternoon to see how things were going and the subject turned to how things were going with me.  She inadvertently hit a HUGE button related to all of this and I exploded on my sweet sister!  I yelled and cried and cried some more.  She was the unfortunate one that brought me to a place that I could cry about all of this for the first time.  She did me a huge favor actually, because crying released things that needed to be released.  So thanks sis, for taking it all so well when I let you have it today! ;0)
I want to thank all of you who have sent words of encouragement to me over the past several days.  It really does mean a lot.  I do appreciate your continued prayers over the future of our adoption of Bright.
Lastly, I feel like it's important that I share with the readers of my blog that Lois and LVI have not mishandled our case in any way.  Lois is doing everything that can be done--there just isn't much that can be done.  The falling out that has occurred between us is purely personal.  Well, I suppose the change in communication standard is more than personal, but Lois is well within her rights to change the standards of communication she has with her families.  On this blog I expressed my personal disappointment in the change.  What adoptive family wouldn't be disappointed by less communication?  We all want MORE MORE MORE!!!!! =-)  That doesn't mean that our adoption professional can give more (or even the same as she was giving before).
So, if you're reading this blog and think you might want to adopt from Ghana and/or use LVI, go for it.  The major "stuff" going on the last few days has very little to do with our actual adoption, and even less to do with Ghana.  The falling out that has occurred didn't occur because of things going slowly in Ghana, or Lois not doing her job.  It's all much more personal than that.  I'll leave it there.
I'm off to go and appreciate the kids we already have now.
P.S.  For those that may be wondering...yes.  Lois knows about my blog.  I don't know how often she has time for my little blog, but she has read it in the past and I would never post anything on this blog that I would be afraid of telling Lois (or any other person mentioned) in person.  This blog is about my personal adoption experience, and Lois is part of that experience, so she's is mentioned in this blog (for better or worse).  Nothing is being hidden from her--just wanted you to know. =-)