Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back Home

Hi All,

Just a quick word to let everybody know that I couldn't reschedule my flight and left Ghana on Thursday. I'm back home know with hubby and kids (boy did I miss them!) and trying to get caught up on everything. Will try to post more tonight.

Real quick--I know that LVI families are going crazy with news about the passports. I want you to know that even though we don't have them yet (at least not as of Thursday evening) Edward is doing EVERYTHING he can. He sat at the passport office for HOURS almost everyday I was there. He is completely focused on getting the passports and feels horrible that they haven't come yet. It seems to occupy his mind every minute. He knows how much we are all counting on those passports to get our kids home and feels a personal responsibility to make sure that happens. In fact, the night I left Edward had talked to Paul (from Hands of Mercy) who has a friend at the passport office and they were going to try to go at it from that direction and see if things could be sped up. This is truly just one of those things that seems to be outside of everybody's control.

More soon,
Anita (without Bright)


cameo 4:32 PM  

Well, he will be home soon, right? I'm just so happy you had a nice trip!