Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Really quickly on Tuesday, March 27th. Last night was first night at the hotel, first night without Bright. I did okay, oddly enough. But because of a miscommunication I was at the hotel until 2pm today (Paul was waiting for me to come, and I was waiting for him to pick me up!). Missed him today a lot.

Got brave and took a taxi by myself today. Not only that but he didn't know where Fair Junction was and I successfully navigated us there! From there you take a local taxi to the house. I felt all proud! LOL!

When I got "home" to Hands of Mercy Bright immediately started crying and crawling towards me. Ahhhh! =-( AND he said, "Ma Ma!" "Ma Ma!" Can you hear my heart swelling with pride and breaking at the same time? He definitely missed me. They said he wouldn't go to sleep last night because he kept looking for me. I know he'll be okay though.

Hotel is fine but EXPENSIVE! When you're used to paying .04 for 16 ounces of water paying $3 for 1.5 liters feels REDICULOUS! And the internet is .20 a minute (rather than .60 an HOUR at a local internet cafe). My friend will be here in a few hours and she is bringing her laptop, so hopefully I will get to mooch off of her internet. Otherwise posts will be few and far between this week.

Still haven't gotten my flight changed from Thursday yet. I keep trying to delay my departure until Saturday, but maybe God will say "no" to that and I'll be home by Friday evening hugging my kids? Either way I am fine. Just don't want to disappoint my friend by leaving two days earlier than she will be!

Guess that's it for right now. Of course all of the details are in my daily journal. You'll be SICK of hearing about this trip before I post 3 weeks worth of daily travel journal entries! LOL!

A few words to familiarize yourself with before you come....

"Boy" ------ "dance" (not sure what language)
"Enyo" ----- "it's okay (ewe tribe)
"Baba-nowm" m is almost silent -------- 'be quiet" (ewe tribe)
"Efo-ahn" ----------- "How are you doing?" (ewe tribe)
"obruni" ----------- white foreigner
"obruni ko ko" -------- white foreigner that gets burned by the sun (literally white red). this is what they call me here!
"medassi" --------- "thank you" (twi)
"yo" ------------ "okay" (twi)
"ta ta" ----------- "walk" (not sure what language)
"atu" ---------- "hug" (ewe)

Even though these are different languages, most everybody knows all of the words. Kind of like almost every American knows that "hola" is hellow in Spanish.

Anita and Bright


cameo 12:41 PM  

In God's Time is a mantra I got from another adoption blogger buddy and I use it ALL THE TIME!!! I just hope things work out. I keep following your blog every day and have enjoyed soooo much Brights progress!!!! You have put me into seriously thinking of adopting from Ghana for the next one :) IF there's a next one, LOL.

krcarp 8:30 PM  

Anita, We miss you. I have followed your trip thru your blog. Please be safe. Love, Robert, Kristi, Sam and Sophi Kate