Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday 3-23 from Ghana

Hi all.  thanks for the heads up about the DHS official not being in until mid-April.  If that's the case, that's okay.  All in God's will.  I really am at peace.  My purpose for coming was to make sure Bright's health is okay, and to HOPE that he could come home with me.  I knew from the beginning it was a long shot.  At this point we still don't have a passport anyway so I can't go to DHS yet.  The guy keeps telling Edward "tomorrow" and Edward goes there every day hoping that today is the day.  No such luck yet.  When I talked to DHS earlier this week they said the guy would be out this week but would be back on Monday.  They said he was out "on post."  So maybe things have changed????  Hoping not, for all of the families that are waiting to turn in paperwork.

Thanks for the words of support about the posting thing.  Again--I'm very sorry if I posted information that anybody didn't want posted on the blog.  I didn't bring email addresses and have NO way to contact you personally and if I were in your position I wouldn't want to wait 3 weeks to hear the info.  Sorry if I assumed wrongly and upset anybody.

I'm sorry for anybody who is having stress with LVI, as I am/have been.  Just remember that at some point we will all have our children home and this will be behind us.

One thing I want to make clear is that I did NOT make my deicision to come here lightly.  And I did not plan to come here before Bright's visa was ready.  The FIRST thing I did was contact LVI to talk about it--but Lois was completely unavailable to me (traveling).  I tried to get her permission first--as everybody should do if they need to come here, or want to come here to visit their child.  I truly thought it was a life and death situation for Bright so I HAD to make a decision without Lois.  Once she contacted me (next day) I apologized for having to make a decision without her input and she assured me that she understood completely why I neededto come.  Of course, it seems not that is not the case, but that's what she told me.  She told me it was fine.  I don't know what I would have done if she would have told me otherwise, but she didn't, so I didn't have to "go there."  Anyway, I just don't want everybody to think that I'm a big rebel that said "forget the rules--I'm going!"  I tried to follow the rules but couldn't reach the director before a decision had to be made.  I didn't come here to push my adoption through (I'm waiting for passport like everybody else).  I came here to make sure my legally adopted son wasn't dieing!  Nothing extra is being done to help things progress.  It will all be done when it's done.  My only hope was that I could turn in my paperwork myself (which EVERY parent should have the right to do if they choose to travel to do that--we don't HAVE to use a power of attorney!).

Anyway, sorry to be so blah in my post.  I hate drama.  I'm tired of drama.  I'm just trying to get my kid home like everybody else, but I assure everybody that I am following all of the rules and not asking for any kind of special treatment here.  Edward drives me places, and I PAY him.  He is a driver for hire.  And much to Lois' displeasure, he is also a friend who wants to help me while I'm here.  =-)



Barbara C 2:00 PM  

Also not suing. :)

Glad you have such peace about leaving him! I know it's hard.

Anonymous 2:30 PM  

you go!

cameo 6:08 PM  

So sorry you have to deal with drama on top of everything else. Still hoping and praying that you get to bring Bright home! Like you said, in God's time and maybe God's clock will match up with yours! Here's hoping (and praying!)

Stacy 9:48 PM  

Also so sorry to hear you're facing additional drama in the midst of what should be a wonderful trip. I'm so glad to hear Bright's health is ok and he is doing so well. I've been following your blog for a few weeks (I'm a PAP working on Vietnam) so don't know the whole history of your path, but goodness you've been through a lot. Stay strong and I hope your darling little boy is home soon!

Grosso Family 5:22 PM  

Anita glad to hear that things are still going well with Bright - I'm sure you two are bonding like crazy...... I can't wait for the day I meet my son for the first time!

Cheers & Best Wishes