Thursday, March 22, 2007

Update #3 from Ghana

Hi friends,

Things continue to go well here. It's been a down week since the DHS officer isn't in and I don't have a passport for Bright yet. Still...a good week. Paul and I never seem to run out of things to talk about. He's so wonderful--as are all of the children at Hands of Mercy (and his wife Lawrencia)!!!

Bright continues to become more and more attached to me. He now cries for me to keep him if someone he doesn't know tries to take him, and sometimes cry for me to take him if I walk in the room and someone else is holding him. I know--I can't believe I'm letting other people hold him, but the situation here is different. I don't want him to be traumatized again if I have to leave him behind so I feel like it's best to "share" him a bit for now.

Looks like I will try to delay my homecoming by a few days and either come home on Saturday the 31st or Monday the 2nd. Lots of things directing me to do that--good things! And this way if by chance they do issue Bright's visa next Friday I will still be here to take him home with me.

Guess that's it for now. Sorry there's not more to share. I'm writing all of the little details for each day in a journal so when I get home you will have LOTS to read about every day here! LOL!

Anita and Bright


Kelly 2:54 PM  

I read on the group that someone else that is adopting (Romana) is in Accra and went to the embassy only to learn that the DHS officer will not be in until mid-April. The person she spoke with said that until the DHS officer is there, no investigations -which means no visas. You may want to look into that if that affects you.

Chrissy J 2:54 PM  

Praying you get Bright's visa!!
Wouldn't that be awesome!
Blessings girl...

Kelly 3:24 PM  

Okay Romana lives in Ghana and is not adopting she is helping another family to adopt. Anyway, I think the other info is correct and I would certainly look into it if you are hanging your hopes on leaving with him. It looks like that may have to wait :(

Grosso Family 6:28 PM  

awesome news Anita about Bright & you connecting & attaching. That's so fantastic. I hope that when you meet with the DHS at the Embassy that goes well, As Kelly said Romana said there is no DHS right now and they won't have one until Mid-April meaning no investigations. Good Luck though - keep us posted.

cameo 8:23 PM  

Oh I hope, hope, hope you get to bring Bright home with you!!!!

Gardiner Family Blog Spot 6:22 AM  

:) Wonderful news Anita! I'm so glad you've had time to be with Bright.

Love, Gala