Friday, March 23, 2007

Sneak Peek

I have gotten permission from Anita to give you all a sneak peek at how good Bright looks. This is a picture taken by Darren while he was there before Anita went. He sent them and some videos to Anita and I have this one to show you.

He looks so happy and so healthy, and Anita agrees completely. So without further ado Here is my nephew Bright in all his glory.

Oh and he is a Very happy eater. He is fat because he eats so much not because of the malnutrition. Today in one sitting he ate 3 bananas and one boy!!!

Have a good night...



Gardiner Family Blog Spot 8:42 PM  

WOW!! A TOTALLY different little boy than just a few months ago. I'm so obsessive...I've been checking your blog for updates!! I'm so glad I came back tonight and got to see his sweet little face. OH Anita I'm so happy for you!!!!

cameo 5:59 PM  

What a beautiful baby boy!!!