Sunday, May 20, 2007

5-20: Hello from Ghana!

Hi all,

I made it! And all my luggage made it (3 for 3 on that one).

Paul and Bright met me at the airport last night. They weren't there right when I got outside but before I knew it I was being grabbed for one of Paul's huge bear hugs and Bright was being placed in my arms!

He is so cute. =-) He is fatter than he was when I left him (if you can believe that)! And his legs didn't look swollen to me last night so I'm hoping I was just wrong about that. Paul got Bright's hair cut yesterday and let me tell you, IT IS CUT! He is BALD! LOL! He looks cute as ever though. Just makes him look more "little baby" (which is fine with me).

Things went pretty well with the "hand over." He didn't cry, but didn't smile either initially. By the time we got to the hotel he had given me a high 5, given a hug, laughed at my tickles, and had fallen alseep in my arms. So I'll take that as a very good start. The plan was for Bright to stay with me last night, but all of us thought too late about diapers. So he had one more night at Hands of Mercy.

Honestly, it was just as well. I am sick. I've got a low temp with headache and body aches, very sore throat and aching ears, and nose issues. I slept for 14 hours straight last night/today!! And it's all I can do not to just go back to sleep right now. Yep--I started my antibiotics just in case they will help.

Paul should be here soon so that I can spend the rest of the day at Hands of Mercy with all of the kiddos. Very excited to see everybody again, and get to know our AAI kids.

Found out that the hotel here has a 24 hour business center and internet is $3 an hour (acceptable because it's high speed but 4 times more than an internet cafe). So I should hopefully be able to check in every day (thanks to the generator here)! Might be able to share pics as well.

Guess that's about it. Please pray for my health, and that Bright doesn't get what I've got. Not sure whether we have his passport or not, but I'm believing it will happen!

P.S. Forgot my toothbrush again!!! That's two times in a row!!!!


Grosso Family 2:52 PM  

Anita I am so glad that you made it along with your luggage. sorry you are so sick - vitamin c baby :-) We all should start taking that NOW so we all don't get sick when traveling.
How is the hotel?

Anonymous 4:54 AM  

What hotel are you staying in?