Thursday, May 17, 2007

T - 22hrs

Hi Friends,

Okay, so today has been one of those days where you are busy all day but DON'T feel like you accomplished everything you need to.

First thing this morning we headed over for Eric's "2 hour" dialysis training that took 3 hours. The last hour and a half I could hardly keep still because I was thinking of all of the things I needed to get done today! But it was good. Eric has pretty much finished training now and he started dialysis for real today.

Problem--he feels totally sick. He's got a 2 liter of fluid inside his abdomen and he says it feels like when you completely gorge yourself on food. He has no appetite. And he's thrown up multiple times today from the feeling of all the extra fluid in his belly. =-(

So we paged the PD nurse and she said he can go down to a liter for right now and she'll see him on Monday to try to step things up a bit. My poor Eric. I hate leaving him like this. I hate that I'm not going to be here to support him these next couple of days.

I don't remember if I mentioned this before but AAI has purchased a computer for use in our Ghana home. So one of my tasks today was to take the computer, printer/scanner, monitor, and cords to the UPS store to have it packed into a big box for travel. Good grief! The box is HUGE. And it weighs in at 50 pounds exactly (my limit per piece of luggage--whew!).

My kids feel crazy right now because so much is going on around them between their dad and myself. So of course they are getting on my last nerve, which isn't what you want the day before you leave them! My goodbyes with Eric and Taevy will be tomorrow morning when I drop them off at work and school. =-( At least I'll have Samren to give me a goodbye kiss at the airport.

I'm all checked in for my flight and am so glad to see that I have aisle seats the whole way! This will be my first time for that (I think).

So tonight I need to try to pack the rest of the AAI things I need to bring, and a few things that I'm taking over for other people, along with my stuff and Bright's stuff into my one leftover 50 lb peice of luggage and my carryon. Wish me luck!

Please pray for Eric.



Jen 9:30 PM  

Hope your travels are as wonderful as they possibly can be - my mind is racing about leaving tomorrow, as I'm sure is yours.

ManyBlessings 6:50 AM  

Good luck Anita. I'll be thinking about you and your family back here. Praying Bright comes home with you!!

Edna 8:30 AM  

God's blessings on you and your family. May God's will be done. EDna :)