Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crying baby, but I'm still typing!

Hi all,

Thought I would check in for just a moment. I'm not even really checking email right now--trying to make my last few days all about Bright and I spending time together. Thanks for all of the great comments! Yes, this long journey is finally over! I was just thinking about how we told Taevy's teacher about Bright and showed her his little malnourished picture at the beginning of the school year. The school year ends Friday for her and her baby brother will get to meet her teacher before they let out!

The stay at the Penta has been fine. One thing I really like is that there is always HOT water. Sometimes at Dutchotel you get mildly warm or only luke warm water. But the room is tiny in comparison, and the service is not nearly as friendly.

Bright and I did absolutely nothing on Saturday. Gotta say....boring! I'm used to running around like a chicken with my head cut off! But it was good practice for when we're on the plane. He does really well. Then today we had the treat of going to church with Romana and family. I really like her church--especially her pastor--so if you're here on a Sunday and don't feel the need to experience true west african church, I highly recommend it. Everybody is so friendly. Then after lunch Romana took me out to Frankie's (my favorite place here for continental food--especially the pizza!).

So right now I'm at Osu Food Court, where there is a little and uncomfortable internet cafe, but it's the only one I've found within walking distance so far.

Tomorrow Percy (Edward's brother) and I will be heading to the embassy to work on the transit visa for Bright. I heard that it can sometimes be given the same day. If this is true I will try to get a flight out tomorrow. If not, it will be Tuesday.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because he is actually coming home this time!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! There is a whole story about him getting his visa but the short version is that they stayed open late and worked on his case while I was there so that we could come home. This is the first indication I see that the embassy might be starting to think about adoptive families a bit.

Well, gotta go. Tired baby and the lady next to me is so annoyed at this point!



Gardiner Family Blog Spot 6:14 AM  

I'm sooo happy for you. We leave on Tuesday for Orlando for a week. I can't wait to come home and read how everything is going for you.

God Bless You!! Your baby didn't quite make it home for Mother's Day -but he will be home for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day Eric!!!

Owlhaven 8:55 AM  



Chandra 3:04 PM  

Stopped by to check in and read the wonderful news!! So happy to hear you are bringing home Bright. Eric must and the kids must be so excited! I hope the flight goes smooth and Bright does well. He's coming home with his momma!! Yeah :)

Anonymous 12:51 PM  

Wonderful news Anita..I am so excited for you..cant wait to hear all the details...

Anonymous 8:23 PM  

Anita this is wonderful news I cant wait to see Bright in his first family picture at home.

Praying for you and Bright.