Friday, June 22, 2007

Sweet Moments

Here are just a few of the sweet moments in our family this past week--Bright's first week home.

  • First time in his car seat (he does VERY well--no problems).

  • Bright falling alseep in Daddy's arms on Day 2 home.

  • Seeing all three of my children in the same room together--at long last!

  • Walking downstairs to see my husband and all three of our children sitting on the floor rolling the ball.

  • First trip to Cracker Barrel--Gillispie family tradition!

  • Watching Taevy, who has struggled with attachment, explain to her brother that "This is your home now and we are your family forever. Mommy will never leave you again."

  • Upon finding out that he and Taevy were going to spend the day with their grandma, Samren said, "But Mommy, I'll miss my brodder Bright a whole bunch!"

  • Watching Bright "learn quick!" There is a time during Eric's dialysis treatment that we all have to put on medical masks to create a sterile environment. We give Bright his mask and he puts it over his face like a pro (and blows bubbles into it)!

  • When Samren was praying over dinner he stumbled over his words. He has said, "And please let Bright come home." for nine months. This time he said, "And please let Bright...and I become best buddies."

  • Watching Bright fall absolutely head-over-heals in love with his big sister Taevy.

  • Bright's first experience with playing in the sprinkler.

  • The boys' first bath together.

  • Dressing Bright in his Boomer Sooner best!


Barbara C 3:56 AM  

Wow, Anita, I've been waiting a YEAR to see pictures like that of your family!! :) Praise God for how it's all going.

Chandra 7:21 AM  

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. Your family is so beautiful. I love the stories you shared about the family. I'm happy to hear it's going so well. You all sound so happy :)


Grosso Family 9:13 AM  

too cute anita :-) i love it.....

Gardiner Family Blog Spot 11:00 AM  

I love it!!! Thanks for sharing Anita. You have such an adorable family. I love the little belly/sprinkler picture!

Enjoy them while they are little.

Bingaling 6:02 PM  

It is so wonderful to see these pictures at last! It must be so wonderful to have him home finally!

Brandi 7:25 PM  

Best one of all was Samren asking God to make them best buddies! Thanks for the info. We look forward to even more pics and notes. Don't be afraid to post just about anything. We eat up the coming home info!!! Nothing is to dull for us!


Anonymous 8:46 PM  

Congratulations on bringing your baby home! I am in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and also live here in Tulsa. When you all get more settled, I'd love to talk more and maybe even meet sometime. Your family is beautiful!

Jocelyn in Tulsa