Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bright turns TWO! What a year!

Thoughts from a TWO year old.

Wow! Mommy says I turned 2 years old today. I don't really feel different than I did yesterday, but everybody around here is making such a big deal about it.

Last year on my first birthday mommy and daddy didn't even know it was my birthday. We all missed it--because I didn't know either. Neither did my caregivers. But mommy did write a post on the blog a day after my birthday about how hard it was to wait. HERE IT IS.

Last year at this time I wasn't feeling very well. I was trying hard to get over not having enough food to eat. I was trying hard to live. Mommy worried about me the whole month of October until at the very end she got this picture of me. See how almost healthy I look?
Here's a picture mom took of me yesterday. I was looking up at an airplane in the sky. Airplanes are AWESOME! They are my favorite thing in the whole world right now--well...except for maybe my mommy.

Here's a silly video mom took of me yesterday. She always asks me "Who loves you Bright?" I'm supposed to name my family but yesterday I thought the airplane MUST love me just as much. After all, an airplane brought me to my family and my house.

Two years old doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but I guess it must be.

Bright Isaiah Anagbo Gillispie


Barbara C 10:17 AM  

Deirdre's sitting on my lap here as we watch the video of Bright. Isn't it wonderful what God has done in a year??

I wondered if D. would recognize Bright, but I think that even if she was old enough to, Bright looks so different from the last time she saw him!

And, incidently, today D. turns 18 months old!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to your adorable Bright!

Christina 10:52 AM  

What a sweet video - he is a doll! Happy Birthday Bright!

Bingaling 6:52 PM  

Happy Birthday Bright!!!

Stacy 9:10 PM  

Aw, that video is just too cute! Happy Birthday Bright!!!

Kerri 2:48 PM  

Happy birthday, Bright!
Kerri and Ruby

nora 7:46 PM  

Just started reading your blog and love the energy you share about your family. Thank you!