Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Num Num!"

I hate to admit it....I can hardly believe it might be true...have I joined the ranks of once-weekly bloggers? Good grief! That is so not me. Or so not the old me.

One thing I have learned having Bright as my son is that black kids are harder to keep the *appearance* of clean with than white/Asian kids! For SURE! Everything shows up so brightly on Bright's beauitfully dark African skin. Dust...crumbs...dried slobber....dried tears...and especially (as the photos will attest) beef strogonaff! I swear I clean Bright's hands and face and hair more times in a day than I did with my other kids in a week! LOL!

In other "grooming" news Taevy's teacher sent her to the nurse last week because of a "weird rash" on her upper arms. She was sure Taevy had something contagious that would need immediately attention. The nurse didn't know what it was either. Ummm....ladies....ever seen dry skin before?! Dark-skinned Asians have just about as much trouble with it as black folks do, but I guess Taevy's teacher/nurse didn't recongize it. I would expect as much from a white women, but they are both African-American! LOL!

Our big kids have their first soccer game tomorrow. It should be fun following "the blob" around the feild for an hour and not keeping score out loud (against our recreational team's rules to keep score). Eric and I went on the hunt for black soccer shorts tonight. Have you ever tried to find shiny black soccer shorts in October? Not so easy. Even at our sports supply store. So Taevy and Samren will be sporting shiny black basketball shorts instead! Hey--sometimes you've just gotta improvise. Maybe if they are lucky I'll hem them up above their knee. If they're nice to me. And I feel like it. ;-)

Anita...writing from the land of "no real news"