Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's been a while since I've written an update about Bright and Samren and the relationship between the two of them.

When Bright first got home Samren usually didn't want anything to do with him. He was just angry at Bright. Angry that this new kid had come in and taken his "baby" spot in the family. Angry that Bright wasn't old enough to really play with. Angry that Bright came with bad habits like hitting to "play." Samren went into a bit of a tailspin for a while.

In September at Taevy's birthday party Samren threw a fit because he didn't want to STAND by Bright for a picture. It was about that time that Samren also decided that Bright wasn't is brother at all. Samren's brother is in Vietnam and Bright was NOT going to replace him!

So finally we figured out what was going on. Samren felt that he was betraying his loyalty to his older brother in Vietnam if he were to love this "other" brother. He had a good, long cry and all of that anger just poured out of him.

Since then things have gotten better little by little. All of the sudden Taevy and Samren compete over who "gets" to help Bright put on his shoes, or play with his toys. Samren takes pride in HIS little brother and is quick to introduce Bright as HIS brother when he sees friends at School. Samren has finally gotten the hang of the big brother thing. And while he would still like to be our baby sometimes, he also very much enjoys his role as "life skills teacher" to Bright. You know all the really important stuff boys need to know...how to properly roll a car, or dig a hole. =-)

Bright ADORES Samren and always has. He never gave up on Samren and just kept loving him until it sunk in. He thinks the sun rises and sets on Samren (shhh...don't tell Taevy). In fact, we can thank Samren for Bright's first ever two word phrase (spoken clearly and at perfectly appropriate times no less)! "OH MAN!"

Bright, pick up your toys. "OH MAN!"
Bright, time to go night-night. "OH MAN!"
Bright, no you cannot have that cookie. Go put it back in the pantry. "Oh man!!!"

Brothers. Love 'em.