Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He's really not my favorite!

Really! He isn't! It's just that he's home with me all day while the other kids are at school so there are more camera opportunities! =-)

Introducing....Underdog! that... UnderBright!

One of our staff in Ghana accidentally sent me a music file one day when she was trying to send some documents by email. Today I pushed play for fun and Bright came so alive! He loves him some Ghanaian High Life music!

If you're wondering... "Buoy, buoy, buoy, buoy, buoy" is what Ghanaians say (in that rhythm) when they are dancing or trying to get babies to dance!


Rachel 12:46 PM  

He is so cute! Love the underwear outfit. Did he do that himself? He's adorable. I still think we need to get Bright and Jayden together. They would have a blast!

SK 4:16 PM  

Okay...he is SO cute--he just melts my heart! Thanks for sharing his dancing moves!

A. Gillispie 9:22 PM  

Yep! He did that all on his own. Panties, bras, and makeup are this boy's passion! Tonight he cracked me up living up his shirt to trip to put on MY bra (a bit of a bad fit for him).