Monday, January 21, 2008

Old Navy Followup

I feel so stupid blogging about Old Navy! But I'm telling ya'll! I am such a fan now! I have all of these friends whose kids wear Old Navy and they swear they only paid a few dollars. I've always been like, "Ya right. Your few dollars and my few dollars must be a different amount! My kids are sticking with consignment, wal-mart, and thrift stores!" But lo and behold, my friends aren't liars after all! LOL!

Last week I discovered that Old Navy has a new plus size line online. I decided to try it out and purchased some deeply discounted items. The arrived today and I am so psyched! I just got online and bought a few more things (on clearance again). Really, can you beat paying $3.75 for a long-sleeved shirt, even at the thrift store?! I just love the pants and shirts I got. The fit a "big" girl exactly right!

Online I wasn't so lucky with the clearance for kids. So Taevy and I popped into our local store for a few minutes why Eric and the boys went to the grocery story. Half an hour, 24 items and $85 later I am one happy mommy! I got things for all of my kids for next year, including a winter coat for Samren (my most expensive purchase at $9.99).

So...I apologize to all of you Old Navy mamas out there that swore to me you really weren't paying unGodly amounts on your kids clothes. I should have never questioned you! =-)

P.S. If you DO want to pay unGodly amounts for your kids clothes, that's fine with me too. Just not something WE can do!


Nicole - Raising Animals 8:51 PM  

We LOVE the clearance section at Old Navy. I always stock up when we go. It can be a dangerous thing. :-)

Bingaling 9:53 PM  

I agree with you about Old Navy - I'm in love with them, too! I got some things for the boys (including 50% off winter boots for both of the boys) before they got here...and I recently ordered some ADORABLE sweaters for the boys for $4 each.

And...that plus-size section? Totally love that, too. I just got an order today, in fact!