Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm still alive!!! should I take it as a bad sign when my mom calls me today to ask "Are you okay? Is something going on?" because I hadn't blogged in a week?! It's true--I am a blogging addict. It does feel weird that it's been a whole week. The illness I had just REALLY got me down. Then on top of the illness my brother-in-law and our 4 year old neice (Mia, adopted from Guatemala!) was here all weekend laying our new wood laminate floor. Then Monday came and I had a week's worth of backup on work stuff.

Finally today I got through my backlog of emails. I've still got some projects to do (reports, brochures, etc.) but I feel like I'm mostly here again.

I got the "all clear" on my eye this Wednesday, so I don't have to miss church again on Sunday. The whole family did a "yippee" about that one! Seriously, the first thing my kids asked is, "Does that mean we can go to church?" Yep--they likes them some All Nations Fellowship!
The floors are in and they look beautiful. Seriously--so much better than our old VERY stained VERY light carpet. It will feel even better once we can save the money up to have the upstairs done. Here are a few pics:
Before (well, almost before)



This is just an after, showing how it "flows" from our bedroom to entry to living room. Love that!
So, that's where we are at. I've got lots of cute pics of our kids with Miss Mia from over the weekend. Mia is blind (almost) but does such a great job. Eric and I prayed over wheher we would adopt Mia before my sister and her husband decided to adopt her. I think it's so cool that our family is so ethnically diverse! I'm sure my mom never thought that either one of her daughters would give her any children by birth!



Heather A. 10:15 PM  

Good grief, I was going through Anita withdraw big time! Glad you're back, and I am so happy that you are feeling better and got the all clear for your eyes. The floors look absolutely AMAZING! I love them.

Heather A.

Amalama 10:23 PM  

Dang girl- those floors look fabulous! You did a great job. I missed you in Bloggerland too, but the post that stayed up for a week was a good one to have at the forefront. :) Maybe the right person is thinking about that little lady right now...


Nicole - Raising Animals 11:07 PM  

OMG! Your floors look FANTASTIC!
Good to have you back, and good to hear that your eye is getting better!

Teri 6:11 AM  

Glad to hear from you. Your floors are absolutely beautiful! What a difference. So glad you are feeling better.

Renee 7:06 AM  

It's gorgeous!!!

So are Bright and Mia!~

Have a Blessed Day!

Jennifer 3:10 PM  

The floors are BEAUTIFUL...hard to believe mine ever looked like that :)

How is your sister? She hasn't updated her blog for a long time!


lori 3:15 PM  

hey! my name is Lori and we are in the paper chase to adopt from BH. I am friends with Tanya and saw your blog on hers. You live in Tulsa? I am from there - Broken Arrow actually.. My parents and grandparents still live there.. anyway - just wanted to say hi!

Joy 3:56 PM  

Your floors are beautiful!

A. Gillispie 4:35 PM  

Yep, I'm a Tulsa-gal, born and raised!!!

Rachel 9:12 AM  

Wow, those floors look awesome! Send him over to my house next! :)