Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Dillon, Brenda, Kelly, Nat and the Peach Pit....ahhhh....the characters of my youth are back!

Except now we've added Naomi, Silver (Kelly's baby sister), Dickson, Ty, Ethan, and the "new" Brenda (can't remember her name yet).

Yup. I'm a dork. But I really liked the original 90210 so I HAD to check out the new one! They've pepped up the "poor family living in Beverly Hills" storyline a bit with a racially-mixed family through adoption (the new "Brandon" is a black guy who was adopted into the all white family). Dad is now principal of the school. Kelly is guidance counselor at the school (a bit of a stretch) and Brenda is sort of hanging around without a clearly defined role at this point. Nat is still Nat and the Peach Pit is still the Peach Pit (updated for the new millennium).

So this show is kind of cheesy, and they've made it have just about the same feel as the first 90210. The biggest difference I see is that they haven't stereotyped people into a box too much, and there is a LOT more cussing going on. If it weren't for the cussing maybe (maybe!) the kids could watch it. As it is, Eric cares nothing about it so it is my own guilty pleasure after everybody is in bed! LOL!

Come on 90210 fans. I know you're out there, lurking in the shadows, not wanting to admit that in your 30s you started watching a high school drama again just to see if Brenda and Kelly will still go at it, and if Kelly and Dillon are the real deal! Oh! And what about their love child! =-)



Jen 11:52 PM  

I did watch it growing up but have not watched the new ones. I rarely watch tv anymore although tonight I did watch "Without a Trace"- I love mysteries
so there is a love child?
I might have to check it out one of these weeks!

mistyeyed 8:14 AM  

I watched it growing up, but have not watched the new one. I only watched a piece of it and it seemed cheesy.

By the way, speaking of adoption. My friends are going through the adoption process right now. They have gotten their forms done through myadoptionforms.com. That was easy. Now they're just waiting for the rest of the process. Talk about drama. That's real drama

Maybe I'll tune in. Who knows?

Heather A. 8:14 AM  

Oh honey, I think it's time for an intervention!

A. Gillispie 8:19 AM  

LOL! It is TOTALLY cheesy! That's why it's fun!!!

Kristin Jag 2:08 PM  

I might have to watch the encore of it tonight! I used to be a fan, but when I tried to watch it a couple weeks ago, I got made fun of enough by my husband, that I couldn't do it!

Ericka 2:11 PM  

I watched it last week and Anita, I think I'm getting old!!!! The drinking! I was shocked. Naomi's party at that club with all the high schoolers drinking!
I did watch the 'old' show and loved it! Oh my gosh, remember when Dillon's fiance was killed in the car accident....
OH my, I think Heather is right, I need an intervention!

whenpigsfly 5:01 PM  

sorry, I was more of an "E.R." fan
until some characters just got "icky". You have fun with that!!!!!

Robin Dodd Photography 1:33 PM  

First of all, I was OBSESSED with this ridiculous show while on tour in the 90's, and I was no high schooler.. I was in my mid 20's. My roommate Tim and I watched this and PARTY OF FIVE.. we had our ritual on those nights...was it Wednesday... I can't actually remember.. I can't bear the new one... America's Next Top Model is as shallow as I go! BUT I will say that I LOVE Tori and Dean!! Love them!