Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Many???

Huh? I only have three kids? I swear sometimes I must have at least 6, and NONE of them care to obey. Nah. That would be to easy. What would we do for entertainment around here if we couldn't watch that vein in mommy's neck go in and out?

This week we've been switching rooms around. YES mom, can I just hear a collective GGGGRRRRROOOOOONNNNNN!!!!! I'm betting even the dads can get a grown going on that.

Taevy is easily the biggest pack rat I have ever personally met. I mean she could seriously grow up and be on Dr. Phil one day because her school papers got so out of control that they were exploding out of her window! Seriously! I put something in the trash today and 5 minutes later it was up in her (brand new, nice) room laying on a table. She decided she needed t keep that one because the colors were OU colors. Ack! But I love her. I really do. She has more teacher stuff (teaching aids, workbooks, worksheets, manipulatives, books. etc) now than I did when I was in High School. We're going to need to make a good portion of her room just about school!

Then there's Bright. God bless 'im! He got Taevy's old room. He had no clue what was going on until I told him to jump into a half finished stuff-all-over-the-floor bedroom last night that he's never slept in! But he seems excited about his big boy bed. Just wish he was excited enough not to get out and roam the house while we sleep (no I'm not exaggerating)! I didn't want to be too cliche with Bright's room but I absolutely fell in love with the Eric Carle African Savannah bedding....and I already have a really big African drum in his room....and his other drums...and all of his jungle animal stuffed animals....and well....I just gave in. I love it! Hee hee!!!

Poor Samren got the short end of the stick. He is staying in the same room. BUT he did get to move his stuff around a different way. He hasn't had the same amount of mom help that the other two have had so his room still looks like ground zero for a small tornado. I love Sammy. Only he (and I) could be standing in the middle of absolute chaos and zero in on the fact that the helmet on his dresser isn't quite centered the way it should be. Yep. You go son. Eye for detail! Oh--but watch out for that log in your eye!!! LOL!

Tomorrow is another traveing weekend then we can official be done with Taevy's birthday. She's been 8 since the 17th but she's got so much family that loves her that we have to go up to Wichita to celebrate there too! Aunt Amy will be giving mini-manis and mini-pedis (nails and toe polish for those that don't know about such things) to all of the guests. I have a feeling Bright will be right there with the rest of them waiting to get his toes painted. We'll see how that plays out

Okay, the sleepy pill is on overdrive and I can't really make out what I'm typing any more. Please excuse me while I go and sleep!