Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taevy's Gillispie Birthday Party

Today was the day when we celebrated Taevy's birthday with Eric's side of the family. This includes two cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandma and grandpa. Taevy chose the menu for the day, which was as follows:

Raman Noodles
Pickle Rollups (pickes wrapped in ham that has been spread with cream cheese)
Spinach Dip
7 Layer Mexican Dip
Shrimp (we vetoed this since she had shrimp on her actual birthday)
Sandwiches (We added this since not everybody would enjoy the above menu as much as Taevy!)
Taevy's cake was the oh so yummy butterfinger cake. [Devil's food cake; poke holes into hot cake with a wooden spoon then pour 1 can Eagle Brand milk evenly over cake. Then smash butterfingers in a baggy and pour on the cake evenly. Cool on rack. After cooled, "ice" with cool whip and put it in the fridge. Right before serving smash up more butterfinger to put on top of cake. Viola!]
We don't usually have the family over to our house, so was fun to do that for a change. Our wonder puppy behaved herself perfectly. Wonder kitty was outside for the day becase as wonder as she is, she does not have good counter manners!
One of the more interesting times of the day was when Eric and I popped over to the local Family Dollar to buy some cards and came back with a dresser for Taevy! A garage sale was open on a Sunday. I saw this sale on Friday and knew there was a dresser I wanted but at the time I thought I better shop around first (freecycle, Craig's list, thrift shops, etc.). I did that some and wished I would have gotten the dresser. So when we went by I expected it would be gone, but it wasn't! Even cooler was that they offered to bring it over to our house in their truck (same neighborhood) and we had "man help" here at the house to help get it upstairs! It is going to be perfect for Taevy. She wants us to paint it black. I was thinking white, but black isn't a bad color I guess.
So the only part of my day that wasn't good was that we didn't go to church. Sometimes it really does feel as if we are heavily "attacked" on Saturday night/Sunday morning for church. We went to bed expecting to go to church. But Eric's dialysis changed all of that. We both slept through alarms, which means that instead of the process taking 8 hours, it took 11 hours. Eric was just getting unhooked about the time the sermon would have started. I miss going to church when we don't go. But of course next week we'll be in Whichita again. It seems there is always something. After next week we should be good to go until the holiday season (except for if illness interferes). I miss church.

At any rate, the day was good. We had a great time with family. And we have a beautifully clean house. The laundry is all caught up. My floors are clean. The bathrooms are clean. Even the microwave is clean! I think I will sleep well tonight.



Heather A. 10:14 PM  

I love Taevy's hair! It looks so cute in the twists.

A. Gillispie 10:25 PM  

See, you would appreciate twists! I spent so much time learning twists and corn rows and piggy-back braids...and then we got a boy. Gotta use those skills on somebody!

We're Ghana Adopt 10:44 PM  

I love the twists. I do them all the time on the girls. I love the dresser that you bought for Taevy. It is beautiful! Happy birthday to her! :)


Laurel 9:07 PM  

Thanks for the cake recipe. It sounds yummy!

Laurel :)

Sarah 9:14 PM  

I just wanted to share that I nominated you for the Smile Award over on my blog.

I love reading your blog, and you always inspire me.