Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in Hair Color

Hi. My name is Anita. I am 32 years old and I have never colored my hair. Until today!

Yes, this might be the most lame reason yet to do a blog post, but it's my news for today. My hair started to turn gray when I was about 25. It somehow doesn't show in photos (yet) but there is a GOOD amount of gray around my hairline. A LOT of gray in my bangs and going back from there.

Tonight when we were at Target waiting for prescriptions I happened to glance at the hair color aisle. Why not? What's the worst that can happen? It's only 6 weeks. So I spent 6 bucks on "reddish brown" hair color.

I called my sister (who is a PRO at dyeing her hair!) and asked her for tips. After I got the basics from her I went to work hoping for the best. The kids made me feel really good when they started freaking out as the dye turned my scalp orange. Inside I was thinking, "Oh crap! What have I done!"

Half an hour later I had one ruined shirt, a few reddish brown fingers, and no more gray in my hair. Eric can't tell the difference. Taevy says she doesn't like it and I don't look like me anymore. Samren had no comment. And I think probably me, my mom, and my sister are going to be the only ones that will be able to tell a difference! Yes, I think I dyed my hair almost my original hair color. Just a bit darker. Oh well. At least it wasn't orange! This was probably a good first place to start with this hair dying stuff.

I have very few photos of myself. These are the best I could find to show my "before" color:
And here is my "after" color:
See a difference?! ;-)



Heather A. 8:54 PM  

I LOVE IT!! But then, I guess you have to consider the source because I haven't had my natural hair color since I was 12! I'm not actually sure what it is anymore. Anywho. . . . I do love the reddish brown and I love the length too.

We're Ghana Adopt 9:26 PM  

I can totally tell the difference! :) I love the color. That is the color I would love to have except with my pale-white face, I would look washed out. I should try to do my own hair. I love the price of $6 instead of $130. :)
Way to go!

Jen 11:48 PM  

Welcome to the world of choosing your own hair color. My name is Jennine and I have not had my own hair color since I was 16! To me, coloring my hair is like washing the car. I feel like I run better with a fresh coloring. For my hair, I can style it better and my products work better on freshely colored hair. When life is getting the best of me, I get a weave!

Have fun with it! I think it looks great!


Kerry 5:19 AM  

Hi, Anita! I'm like you and started getting gray hair at 25, but the past couple of years it has really started to come in more and more. My hair is VERY dark brown and my "gray" is actually totally WHITE, so it shows up - a lot.

I've had a box of semi-permanent hair color under my sink for the past 4 or 5 months. I've colored my hair before - when I was in college I used henna a lot and loved it. So, I'm just waiting to have a spare hour to do it! :)

Anyway - your color looks lovely - I really, really like it!

Momto13 2:53 PM  

Beautiful! So shiny and fabulous! I love it!

Ginny and Ben 10:51 PM  

I love it! Just be careful...I've sworn off home colorings after two too many disasters. Stripping and re-dying hair is expensive!