Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cell Phone Cozy--Yep, I'm a Dork!

This is probably the dorkiest thing I've ever done (and that's saying something)! My 5 year old cell phone finally died so I had to get a new one (with the credit our provider gives every 2 years). It is not a flip phone and I thought it might call people while it was rolling around in my purse. So I crocheted a cozy! LOL!


Amy 10:37 PM  

So does that make me a dork if I think it's pretty cute? ;)


A. Gillispie 10:41 PM  

Yes, that makes you a dork. We're kindred dorks Fabu. I love ya for that! ;-)

Amy 10:06 PM  

That's what I thought. :) No arguments on that Anita.

Your dork-in-waiting,

Rachel 7:50 AM  

Yep, pretty dorky. But, it's really cute! :) Guess that means I'm in the dork club too.

At the Foot of the Cross 12:18 PM  

Well Anita I beat you to being a dork. I crocheted a palm pilot case 2 years ago! But mine was wool and I 'felted' it. Then I got a new Palm and it's smaller. So I need to crochet a new case.

Momto13 10:47 PM  

I think its super cute! I would totally use that!

Anonymous 4:04 PM  

I LOVE your cell phone cozy!!! Dorky or not, I think you could market them! (REALLY! I'd buy one; I think you've got yourself a new home business!)