Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fabu Feeds Children!!!!

I just want to put out a great big public THANK YOU to my good friend Amy Fabu for selling cookies for our "Feed 100" project. Amy, you inspire me! Your kids inspire me! You make me think of that song, "If We Are The Body." You are His arms, reaching!!!!

Check out what the Fabu Family is doing HERE!

To all of you who have contributed, we are deeply touched. I will be doing an update soon. Remember, $2 is REAL MONEY that REALLY helps (donation button on side of blog)!!! If you decide to donate directly through Feed My Starving Children, that is wonderful too! Leave a comment and I'll add the number of meals you donated to the total we're keeping. We have a long way to go, but we will get there!



Amy 8:48 PM  

Anita you are just too sweet to me. :) Our family is really happy to be a part of helping with your wonderful project!


sue 9:44 PM  


What is your total at so far? Are you getting closer to the goal?


A. Gillispie 9:49 PM  

I'll be totally everything up this week to give a "real" update. We are not close yet. I'd estimate that around 5 have now been feed for a year!

Ericka 6:29 AM  

I was just at FMSC yesterday!
We have a container going to Real Hope for Haiti!