Friday, December 26, 2008

Feels like Ghana!

**Update: Twelve hours later in Tulsa, OK it's 39 degrees with a cold north wind! LOL!**

It is December 26th in Tulsa, OK and our weather at this very moment really reminds me of Ghana! I'm warm in my house with all windows open, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. RIGHT NOW (at 11:44pm) in Tulsa our windows are all open, it is 73 degrees, and 70% humidity. RIGHT NOW (at 5:44am) in Ghana it is 79 degrees with 74% humidity! LOL! To top it all off there was a fire somewhere near us tonight so we had fire smell wafting in our house all evening. I told Bright, "It smells like Ghana!" He said, "Oh! Yummy Mommy! Smells GOOD! Ghana!"

Well, I'm off to turn on my fan so I can try to sleep in this warm weather. The A/C actually kicked on today!

P.S. Not typical for OK. A week ago it was 22 degrees high for the day! LOL!


Anonymous 4:04 PM  

I really appreciate your blog! My husband and I are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia... We were thinking there is great value in a multitude of counselors and wanted to and ask for any wisdom you would have for us. Anything and everything we would appreciate!

Thanks so much,
The Fulton Family