Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here we go again!

This weekend has been very restful. We've been holed up in the house since Friday afternoon, so there has been plenty of time to slowly and carefully put away all of the Christmas decorations. I know most people wait until the first of the year to take down everything but I have such a need to just clear out and have clean spaces for a while after Christmas! Plus...I'm leaving for Ghana in a few weeks!

I was planning to go to Ghana in February but a few things need my in-person attention sooner than that, so off I go. I expect to be gone from the 16th-25th. Just a short trip this time.

I told the kids one by one earlier this morning. Samren was excited he gets to sleep at his grandparent's house. Bright, I think for the first time, gets that I'm going somewhere on an airplane but doesn't get it beyond that. And Taevy handled it better this time than ever before. She's happy I'll be home for Valentine's Day this year and that it's "only" a 9 day trip! LOL!

I always look forward to going to Ghana, and I always feel sad at the same time. Just wish the family could go with me and it would be perfect! It will be great to see my Ghanaian friends again, and of course all of the kids at Eban House. I hope to go to Volta Region this trip, but beyond that I'll likely be in Accra.

The only really sad thing about going in January is that I will miss my friend Muna's wedding in late February. I've been so excited to go, and she planned the wedding for when we both thought I'd be there. NOT that I am the most important thing to her--just that she knew I was planning to come in February. I hope she will understand that "work" demands I come earlier. I have this beautiful blue outfit hanging in my closet now with nowhere to go! Hopefully there will be an occasion in the future.

So...that's my news. Trip 7 to Ghana.



Kristin Jag 11:26 PM  

Good luck on the trip- hopefully one of us will be there at the same time as you- I would love to meet you in person!

whenpigsfly 9:20 AM  

Trip 7 .Doesn't that number amaze you???????????????
Praying that you have a very productive and efficient trip, and that everything on your home front is uneventful in your absence! Please greet Romana for me if/when you see her?

mary grace 3:56 PM  

Praying for safe travel for you!

Robin Dodd Photography 8:10 PM  

Wish I was going in your luggage!!