Friday, February 13, 2009

25 random things (FB to Blogger)

I've been tagged by Heather A. to post 25 random things about myself. I already did this for Facebook, so I'm taking the lazy way out and (mostly) re-posting the same thing here!

1. I am anal. I absolutely believe that 9 out of 10 people who ever played French Horn are anal
2. I am a Bible-believing born-again Christian.
3. I had the same boyfriend from 5th to 10th grade.
4. I have gone out (or married!) TWO semi-short Type I Diabetic Saxophone players. I guess the first was preparing me for the second. I kinda dig the second one.
5. There are 4 ethnicities represented in our family. We didn't plan it that way. God did.
6. No we are NOT trying to be like Brad and Angelina! ;-)
7. Our kids have weird names. Once you give one kid a weird name, you have to keep up with it. You can't have Taevy, Samren, Bright, and Jennifer.
8. I get onto Taevy's Webkinz account and play the games. They are fun!
9. I am confused about politics.
10. I hate talking politcs.
11. I am really bad at remembering Bible Stories. Like SUPER bad. Like, forget part of the nativity story BAD!!!
12. I give my kids "Sassy Sauce" when they talk back to me or say a bad word. A little hot sauce in a smart mouth works wonders. I learned about Sassy sauce from another adoptive family!
13. My kids think the "S-H" cuss word is "Shut Up." Hee-hee.
14. I have a degree in Music Education.
15. I make a little over minimum wage.
16. I have eaten Goat, and liked it.
17. I wear earplugs every single night or I would never get to sleep.
18. I dream of a certain "elective" surgery to "reduce" something on my body.
19. I wear Crocs. I love them. I'm sorry, I do. They are ugly but SOOOO comfortable.
20. I will be sad when Capris go out of style. Or has that boat already sailed?!
21. I love to read. I read every night before I fall asleep. It is my special time.
22. I really really dig my dog. I miss her almost as much as my kids when I'm traveling.
23. I work for an adoption agency, but hate the adoption process. So hard! Don't ever tell me adopters take the easy way out.
24. I saw a UFO when I was 13. I really believe that!
25. Being married to a blind guy has its advantages! ;-)


Laurel 6:48 PM  

Fun! We have a few things in common ...

I was a French Horn player, also ... I had a solid silver double horn, but sold it to buy my first car, a 1968 Bug.

I, too, have thought about that "elective surgery". Hmmm ... being married to a blind guy would have it's benefits. :)

I LOVE my crocs ... my light blue crocs ... my mint green crocs ... my purple crocs ... And, I don't even think they're ugly ... I think they're cute. And ... I have convinced my husband and kids of it also. Hubby has navy blue crocs, two teen boys have black crocs, eldest daughter has 2 pair of crocs, both twins each have a pair ... younger daughter has a pair ... Yes, we are definitely a Croc Family.

We use Sassy Sauce, but had never heard that term for it. LOVE it ... it will definitely be a new word in our vocabulary.

Bible stories ... I think I've got the nativity story down ... but my kids have far surpassed me with all other Bible stories ...

Capris ... going out of style ... I guess I'll just wear "ugly capris" with my "ugly crocs".

I, too, am a big reader ... and it is my favorite late night activity, after the house is quiet ...

Thanks for the fun things to know about you ... I've always liked you, but it's fun to know more things we have in common.

Now, all you have to do is have 10 more kids, and then we'd really have things in common. :)


A. Gillispie 8:52 PM  

Laurel, I can't take credit for the Sassy Sauce name. It cracked me up when I heard it! Tonight we were at Luby's and they had hot sauce on the table. Bright started going, "Sassy sauce, mama? Sassy sauce?" The thing is, each of the three kids gets a different dose. Bright (being Ghanaian) can take a lot of spice. Taevy can take quite a bit too (ironically, Cambodian food can be spicy too). Samren just needs a drop for it to be effective.

I should have known you were a horn player. ;-) I majored in music ed, sold my horn the day after my senior recital, and haven't played since. Totally burned out in college!

Rae 8:50 PM  

They do make cute Crocs, you know. Really, really cute ones! :)