Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy V-Day (the Gillispie way)

I know that a lot of people get into Valentine's Day. It's just not something Eric and I have ever really been that into. I really do not care to get a box of candy or a bunch of roses. Now...when I was teaching and around other people who had flowers delivered I probably wished I would get some too, but that was more about wanting them to know my hubby loved me--silly.

Tonight Taevy is away so it's just me and my boys. We celebrated V-day by going to Target and buying a few girly toddler clothes to send to Eban House. They might fit a certain Miss someone who is currently wearing mostly boy clothes! Eric and I bought gifts for each other too. Very luxurious, we are. We bought new pillows! We've needed them for a while and thought this was a good time to justify the splurge. We will sleep well tonight!

We capped off the V-day festivities by going to Luby's! Did you know it's 1/2 price Lu Ann plates after 4:30 on Friday and Saturday nights during February? Can't beat that!

Yes, we are "old." But old things are often polished to a beautiful petina. Old things are comfy and worn-in. I love our old comfy life.



Jenny 7:14 AM  

Well said, Anita. I'm trying to write the same thing on my blog. Old love, comfortable love, just can't be beat!