Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Heart Faces--Eyes

This week I'm entering into the I Heart Faces photo contest. It's just for fun. A way to show off some of your favorite photos! This week the catagory is "Eyes".

My kid entry: I love this photo of Bright on his 3rd Birthday. His eyes are so clear and innocent-looking. He seems to not have a care in the world in this photo!
My adult entry: This is a man whose eyes, to me, show a whole lifetime. The photo was taken in the Upper West Region of Ghana, West Africa. This man is actually the father of an infant--at over 70 years old! His eyes say "hard work," "long-suffering," and "kindness."
My pet entry (Anything goes): This photo cracks me up! We made a nice comfy bed for our new puppy, and then our kitty promptly took over the spot for herself. It was days before our dog actually got to sleep on her own bed! You can enter your photo at I Heart Faces too. Have fun!


Shonni 6:25 PM  

This looked like so much I did it and then found out I was past the time deadline...Oh well, it was fun to do anyway!Thanks for showing your pictures...the adult one was wonderful!!

April Alcorn 7:01 PM  

Awwwww your little guy is SOOOOO adorable!!!! Love those BIG chocolate eyes!!!! Love the old man too!!!!

whenpigsfly 8:35 PM  

Love your photos, but then, I always HAVE!!!!